within green veins



We have been under attack
gently growing back our pools
and lakes, giving birth to habitats
for the old and the new to find
shelter between our roots
and branches

Under our crowns, on our trunks
within our stems, without our bark
a disease is growing and it is not the axes
that cut deep, that made us bleed and die
it comes with the noise and the fumes that are man-made
slowly creeping in, poisoning our sap

it rattles the birds, it pollutes our waters
it endangers our survival and if we die
we take you with us
we’ve been fostering the earth and the air
guardians of the ground, watchers of the sky
how dare you trespass on our lands
with your machines and your boats and your ignorance
how dare you threaten everything 
for your childish pleasures
and call it tourism, 
without ever asking our permission

I hear you, Old Ones, whispering in the wind
echoeing through the forest of my boyhood
screaming through the forest of my manhood
I feel your pain, my spine is twisted
and my back aches for the excruciating
unthinking of a world full of green
a green dream that is falling apart
I’m going to take that pain and turn it to anger
and I’m going to take that anger and turn it to fury
and I’m gonna make this fury into song
and chant that song to the world 
because that is all I can do
*Matthias Geh, 22nd May 2015

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