Christmas Eve

I made my beard shine silver, gold and red

someone asked me if I was Santa

somone said he loved my beard

someone told me I was too young

and while I was dancing glitter fell

like the snow that never came

came out sparkling off my face

some beer and no reindeer


out of place, out of time

on Christmas Eve

the only day I go out

they were breathing into my back

the ghosts of countless disco deaths

lose your mind if only for tonight

it all seemed so tempting

but the spell had been broken

now I’m just a guest in that world

watching it from a distance

how much drama can you fit into one night?

how much drama can you put into one song?

trying to look young and pretty

we tend to forget

that some also go out

not to be alone

to feel the presence of others

when it only takes one smile to feel at home

lonely, connected, loved, unloved

the dancefloor makes them equal

you can look your worst

and still shine with your feet

on a vibrating metal plate

and the prettiest one

keep their distance performing

working out on pedestals spilling drinks

I close my eyes

keep listening to my feet, arms and hips

until they tell me to stop

and I leave this place of shared solitude

walking on deserted streets

feeling solid ground again

crystal air

catching the first tram


lunar companion

*matthias geh, 31/12/2015


solstice steps

my feet keep on listening to the roots

beneath the noises over grey concrete

walking amongst my mossy brothers

already in bloom


to soon

catching glances of nightshade

rustling through the undergrowth

a day of distant light

in the flicker of earliest dawn

my heartbeat is tuning into

the shortshadows

*matthias geh, 22/12/2015



loving thoughts – a meditation

Loving thoughts means giving parts of yourself to the universe – unconditionally.  Like the butterfly finds it way out of the cocoon these thoughts find a way out of your mind. It’s like waking down, creating a dream and not let go while you’re phasing back into what we call our reality. Letting this dream fly, like the living, breathing entity it might as well be. Wasn’t it bred and fed by a living, breathing mammal?

In my heart there were many butterfly-shaped holes. Since I started sending out loving thoughts, they have started to mend. Maybe giving truly means to receive. If you start to think about it – no energy can be lost – so why not? You emitt energy willingly into the universe or maybe your environment if you don’t like the concept of a universe. Doesn’t that energy subtly alter the fabric of the reality surrounding you? If you smile at a stranger, really smile, they might become a friend. Same goes for the opposite approach: If you hurt someone, they might become an adversary.


So it can be a choice to breed loving thoughts, weaving butterflies into your world, instead of clipping their wings. Filling the void, the darkness inside with colour and light. I have dark thoughts, but if I light them up, I can learn to embrace them. They are not apart. We are not apart. I am also my loving thoughts.

*matthias geh, October 2014


drowning drowsiness in dozens of hours

silent, quiet, breathy, warm, cosy, hot, lucid, dark, light, tight

the night is melting away, black and blue embers

drowning in dawn colours, strata of shining clouds

the memory of winter growing inside my bones

while I get lost in beauty, my head is the flood

my heart is the ocean, my body is a beach

so I let myself strand deliciously


this morning

*matthias geh 19/12/2015


Do You Remember?

Did you forget about that place

where horses ran, where it began

where everybody proud and free

was cutting down the highest tree?

Did you forget how waters sparkled

silver scales their gaze soon darkled

with oil and acid glowing bright

on concrete in the tainted night?


Do you remember how your heart

was leaping when you were young

how simple pleasures just one touch

how everything you felt was much?


And do you know the day it stopped

where were you, did you cry or sop

what were you doing, who was there?

Please keep on dreaming polar bear.


*matthias geh 18/12/2015


Einigkeit und Rechte Freiheit

gegen deutsches Mutterland

Steine fliegen, Tonnen brennen

brüderlich wird weggerannt


Sind’s Soldaten, die ich blickte

oder doch nur Staatsbeamte

ganz egal das Gas verquickte

Nebelschleier, die gesamte

Straße stinkt nach grauer Suppe

Straßenkrampf und Eingreiftruppe


Uneinigkeit und Linke Freiheit

gegen deutsches Vaterland

Hass marschiert und wird geschürt

an Wände die Gewalt gebannt


Doch dazwischen wächst im Stillen

aus dem Ashpalt etwas kleines

helles, grünes, leises, feines

und ging es nach meinem Willen

wünscht’ ich

dass Pflanzen Stimmen hätten

matthias geh, 13/12/2015






benetzt von einhorntränen

Niemand braucht euch Hasser hier

höre mich, oh Einhornstier!

Mitgefühl, statt Angst und Schrecken

will ich in den Menschen wecken

Wir sind bunt und nicht allein

Freundinnen im Mondenschein

Tretet auf das weite Feld

vor uns sich der Weg erhellt

Hass und Furcht verwandeln wir


Katzen, Raben wetzt die Krallen

dieses Übel soll zerfallen

niemand braucht euch, niemand hier

Flügel flatter, Einhorn, WIR!

*matthias geh, 12/12/2015



Multipying seconds

breathing in cold air

thoughts on fire

while my feet keep exploring

the cracked concrete


A multitude of crows

circling the tower

of glass and steel

the magnifying glass

of modern media


I am making today count

as I am counting the days

the turning of light and dark

is keeping me awake at night

silvery fish and bright triangles

dancing on the ceiling


clear is the sky

as are my thoughts

and I continue breathing in

warm air

feeling the earth

slumber beneath my

feet, mourning my lost wings

as I watch my feathered friends

defying gravity

*matthias geh, 08/12/2015

thanks for watching


Glitter [remix]

glitter is my force field

glitter on my cheeks
people passsing by
glitter down my pants
people asking why
glitter in my tears
wait for them to dry
glitter ’round my heart
I return to start

Wasting time is easy
spending it is hard
when I bathe in glitter
things don’t fall apart

glitter in my blood
never asking why
glitter won’t be cruel
if I break down and die
glitter is my force field
shielding me from harm
glitter is my watchdog
sounding the alarm
glitter grants me courage
never breaking down
what I forgot to mention is:
my mother is a clown

*mathias geh, december 2014, remix: december 2015