loving thoughts – a meditation

Loving thoughts means giving parts of yourself to the universe – unconditionally.  Like the butterfly finds it way out of the cocoon these thoughts find a way out of your mind. It’s like waking down, creating a dream and not let go while you’re phasing back into what we call our reality. Letting this dream fly, like the living, breathing entity it might as well be. Wasn’t it bred and fed by a living, breathing mammal?

In my heart there were many butterfly-shaped holes. Since I started sending out loving thoughts, they have started to mend. Maybe giving truly means to receive. If you start to think about it – no energy can be lost – so why not? You emitt energy willingly into the universe or maybe your environment if you don’t like the concept of a universe. Doesn’t that energy subtly alter the fabric of the reality surrounding you? If you smile at a stranger, really smile, they might become a friend. Same goes for the opposite approach: If you hurt someone, they might become an adversary.


So it can be a choice to breed loving thoughts, weaving butterflies into your world, instead of clipping their wings. Filling the void, the darkness inside with colour and light. I have dark thoughts, but if I light them up, I can learn to embrace them. They are not apart. We are not apart. I am also my loving thoughts.

*matthias geh, October 2014

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