Christmas Eve

I made my beard shine silver, gold and red

someone asked me if I was Santa

somone said he loved my beard

someone told me I was too young

and while I was dancing glitter fell

like the snow that never came

came out sparkling off my face

some beer and no reindeer


out of place, out of time

on Christmas Eve

the only day I go out

they were breathing into my back

the ghosts of countless disco deaths

lose your mind if only for tonight

it all seemed so tempting

but the spell had been broken

now I’m just a guest in that world

watching it from a distance

how much drama can you fit into one night?

how much drama can you put into one song?

trying to look young and pretty

we tend to forget

that some also go out

not to be alone

to feel the presence of others

when it only takes one smile to feel at home

lonely, connected, loved, unloved

the dancefloor makes them equal

you can look your worst

and still shine with your feet

on a vibrating metal plate

and the prettiest one

keep their distance performing

working out on pedestals spilling drinks

I close my eyes

keep listening to my feet, arms and hips

until they tell me to stop

and I leave this place of shared solitude

walking on deserted streets

feeling solid ground again

crystal air

catching the first tram


lunar companion

*matthias geh, 31/12/2015

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