glacier knife [#1]

(first of a cycle of thirty-one poems)


I cannot capture the light specks on the dark wall

but the returning light breathes sparks into my chest

Flora is stumbling, irritated, growing coloured patches

soon to be trampled again by the Wild Hunt


I’m collecting my pieces

stringing them together

stone by stone, grain by grain

cutting myself on the edges

bleeding daffodils

The gunpowder you blew into the skies

the cardboard carpaces you left on the streets

I wish to break the collective forgetting

into pieces like the glass I’m treading on

all over the concrete

the moss is patiently

growing in the cracks

into the void I’m pouring


flames to the manifests

of globalized slavery

to ashes I wish

the threads of greed

crossing the ocean

dreaming huge iceberg knives

cutting the illusion

exposing  the antisocial network


*matthias geh January 1st 2016

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