words that hurt load

guns that kill

whispering, mumbling

foul and angry

often unheard and unseen

mostly right up on your screen


how the bizarre, most obscene

disguised pass along the scene

acts of violence, day by day

bloody footprints smeared on clay

with a barb-wired mind they seek

words to cut and words that shriek

leaving wounds that scar and heal

how the hatred seared and burned

after years you still can feel


calling upon turning winds

rustling leaves in sacred spaces

finding comfort in strange faces

glorious forests remain skinned

compassion breeds love that feeds

starving eyes devoid of feeling

hungry for what humans need

one to hold and one to hear

shaking bodies, cries of fear

filling hearts with silken silence

growing embers from warm arms

kindness thaws the coldest violence


*matthias geh, 2/1/2016

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