If you learn how to swim in your imagination, words will always share their magic with you. (Me)

4726701891_a7539e141a_o (2)


I walked along the river side

and saw a blue swan gliding by

she wore a necklace made of pearls

It seemed to sparkle and she twirled

until I realized she drowned

some plastic rings that cut her down


So I picked up some straw and drank

and drank and drank and drank and bang!

the riverbed was shimmrin green

but oh!  no swan was to be seen

instead there was a woman fighting

against a white zig-zag of lightning

I took my diary, tore a blank

white page and made some paper crane

it left my hand and reached her palm

Hey sister, take this! Catch it,  keep your calm!

She caught the widget just in time

and made some scissors mighty fine

cut the remaining schmozzle lose

and sat down showing fancy shoes

like mother-of-pearl was their glimmer

this glistening iridiscent shimmer

She smiled at me I asked if I

could borrow some to fix my tie

bemused she gazed and laughed

and flew – no trace, no face, no name, no shoe

I shrugged and turned to wake again

but then my eyes got caught

my brain it itched there was the slightest feel

that something inside here was real

I told myself “Remember me.”

I woke and guess what I did see?

My spiral pendant gleaming bright

A smile it seemed was spread inside

(for Jule)

*matthias geh, 7th January 2016



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