4542328931_d6068631b8_o (2)

You shot the doves of peace

pretending  they had been U.F.O.s

as if you needed a reason to

heavy, thick crimson

raining on my parade

while I’m walking

the crowded streets

dead butterflies in my wake

the air is full of dust

and you said, don’t you worry

heaven has got a place for you

you promised heaven on earth

and threw away the key

to the extinguisher

once the fire had started

I’m bending crosses

into heart shaped boomerangs

one for sorrow

two for joy

three for a girl

four for a boy

five for silver

so I’m told

seven for you

once the blood turned cold

eight for a wish

and nine for a kiss

ten for my hands

so I’ll never miss

*matthias geh, 8th January 2016

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