While the mindless are breaking glass, the rich reflecting themselves in bloody diamonds, the poor always need just a little more. A little more compassion, a little more support. There is destruction on every level of society and the vilest parts are the brains of the mighty. But through the scattered glass shards I’m gazing upon an old Godess.

grey are their hearts

white is their skin

they fear and flee

the dark within

abyssmal force is granting me

mercury boots

to fly

I smile at hearts

in those wo part

who really see

who guide and guard

the ones in need

my words are swift

so are my feet

the others come

the ground in leaves

my roots go deep

the company

of love we keep

a warrior soul

my word is fire

when glass is breaking

just aim higher

ignite the vileness

in their hearts


who never take  part

one word to find them

one word to bind them

one word to banish them

show them Hel!

imageedit_1_7059154976 (2)

*matthias geh, 12th January 2016

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