If you take away

our pride

and turn it into a weapon

of mass consumption

to cut compassion

the soft bridges

between humans

we will become

even more glorious


If you

try to poison

our minds

with radioactive ideas

decaying into toxic feelings

we will ban it into barrels

made of moonstone

fast forwarding  the toxic waste

into the swamp 

that’s your murky hearts

making them radiate

a negative image

of our pain and suffering

inside your heads

until we shine again

that’s a promise


If you continue

taking our lives

crushing our bodies

breaking our bones

we will become the very soil

absorb the blood and the bone dust

and let flowers bloom

on our graves

their fragrance

will write the names

of all we lost

across the sky

shooting stars

aiming at your faces

breaking your smiles


You will not forget us

you will remember our pain

and you’ll remember our names

it is going to haunt you

until you seek

within the darkness

of your murderous past


you’ve used up your chances

for redempton

but maybe


you find forgiveness

in the blind spots

of your memory




I’m not one

to forgive and forget

I’ll remember your faces


I’ll learn your names

every day I’ll forget one of you

and remember one of them

that’s a promise as well

we will guide

their lost spirits

into  a rainbow

somewhere over the rainbow

this place that starts inside our hearts

and we will shine  brighter

than ever


imageedit_1_6769546203 (2)

*matthias geh, 13th January 2016

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