A commentary from the writer’s seat

As some of you have noticed already (via the various networks or personal notification), I’m currently writing and publishing one poem a day. The writing process is going so exceptionally well that for some days I have been additionally posting micropoems to twitter. My orignal plan was inspired by my twitter-friend Elan Morgan (see blogroll on the left) who wrote one poem every day for 365 days last year.

Since I’ve started working on this project I’ve been connecting with other poets via twitter, and I’ve been able to reflect even deeper on the meaning of words and how to weave them into song, because basically that is what poems are to me. I’ve been working with my own picture pool, blending and remixing old images to provide some illustration.

Lately I’ve been starting to draw and I might also use some of this material in the future.

The only issue that I could adress is, that I’d wish there were more readers. So, dear reader: If you like my poetry, please don’t hesitate and share it in your own networks. I’m not a big fan of facebook for their unethical and even hostile business conduct at times, so I kindly ask you not to share my work there. Even if that means to narrow my range – I’m fine with that.

A big dream would be to self-publish a book of poetry later this year. The time seems right and since I’m accumulating material on a daily basis, there should be no problem with that. I’m going to come back to this issue later.

Meanwhile I wish us all a pleasant winter, Spring is slowly stirring in hir sleep. Enjoy the poems to come and life life to the fullest.


PS: I’m going to provide a translation into German later this weekend and also try to post more bilingual pieces. Writing in English for some reason comes more naturally than writing in my first language.

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