[The Ballad of Bottle Bottom Queen]


drunken bodies

paving her path

determined she’s staggering

along the jetty

her clothes lost in

the spur of a moment

a plunge ends in the sand

star bursts in front of her

she stretches and rubs her sore limbs

the day is waning, the headache stays

she wishes to be driftwood, floating

to the seas, into the blue

where exactly she never knew

wanderlust, slowly rolling tears

if only she remembered what she was looking for

the next beer never kept her waiting

a glass of wine, some bottles

troubleshooting with a shot glass

and if she was having a rare fit

some whiskey usually made her quit

and travel back to that soft, fuzzy space

the blunt reality is grinding her

each day this homeless plant

everthirsty, empty glasses

temporary blindness

the more friends, the more booze

that’s what she says

once she killed her dog

while high on grog

it couldn’t dull the pain

resolving suffering but not for long

and shortly follow sobbing songs

Betty Ford was a dear friend

and everybody gave her good advice

subtle punches, still hurting

too often she wandered murky alleys

her sorrow she kept stashed away

like the cheap spirits in her drawers

Miss drink-too-much and dream-too-little

once she lived with a king

reading wishes from her lips

they sailed the highest waves

last year he found a shallow grave

the virus didn’t care for lovers

she’s only finding life’s purpose

with the help of a corkscrew-shaped compass

now she’s made it to the beach

some freedom finally at reach

the sea dark blue, it fits her mood

the water waving like an old friend

too easy, irresistible the pull

sirenlike seaweed is shimmering

eventually she gave in and went

like driftwood, no pain was at the end

and if you see her floating

smile and wave

life had cheated her and

turned her luck into dust

Bottle Bottom Queen

*matthias geh, 22nd January 2016

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