47 (waldgesichtig)

tauwasser zwei tropfen gefiltert von moos benetzten meine lider ein urwald nahe der stadt zerschnitten von der schnellstraße das geräusch … More


I payed three coins three bananas and some cheese I brought you these you were lost in dulling the pain … More

#44 (The Alphabet of Poetry)

Abstract concepts Beautiful imagery Chaotic combinations Divine inspiration Elliptic dreams Fluorescent memories Geometrical feelings Heartfelt desires Igniting thoughts Jibberish verses … More


six shadows in squares of light listening, talking, the gentle rhythm of thoughts spinning a flying carpet leading us through … More

#42 (cosmic customs)

the fur on your neck and shoulders I’m painting around your body you pant without pants as you’re dancing naked … More


a silent cry my face a razor blade cutting the ideology of hate to cure healty beings to electrocute, rape … More


once upon a time there was a boy a very queer, enchanting boy he knew that he could go very … More


  sie folgt den schatten zwillingsbirken lehm und sand zu fuß ein fuchs lugt leise durchs gehölz auf ihrem arm … More


This is an image of someone that truly inspired me. I don’t need to illustrate this one, there is no … More