47 (waldgesichtig)


zwei tropfen

gefiltert von moos

benetzten meine lider

ein urwald nahe der stadt

zerschnitten von der schnellstraße

das geräusch der brandung

war tatsächlich nur





in einem tropfen zerging

der winter auf meiner zunge

dem preis der geschwindigkeit

opfertet ihr die lebensräume unzähliger

brüder schwestern mit wurzeln tiefer

als die menschenzeit

auf dem altar des fortschrittes


verzaubert mein denken

der wald in meinem kopf

erblüht in blendendem lindgrün

sehe moos, die plätze und tempeln


während ein tropfen speichel fällt

das brackwasser klärt

kehre ich zurück

in die sogenannte


ein trauerflor aus farn

über meinem herzen

*matthias geh, 18th February 2016




#46 (tiny silver people)

tiny silver people

hiding in my head

singing microscopic songs

when I go to bed

feel them in my fingers

feel them in my bones

feel them in my bloodstream

some of them have grown

walk the streets in twilight

scythe of time my guide

walk the dreams in darkness

they are smiling wide

feel them in my lips

feel them in my spine

feel them on my jawbone

dancing in a line


tiny silver people

rest their heads to sleep

once they lived on hillsides

herding opal sheep

feel them when my eyes close

feel them on my skin

feel them near my eye lids

trav’llin through a grin

all those tiny people

that you never see

they are birthing starlight

running wild and free

wait for them at dawntime

wait for them at noon

tiny silver people

from a distant moon

*matthias geh, 15th February 2016


I payed

three coins

three bananas

and some cheese

I brought you these

you were lost

in dulling the pain

popping the pills

as if you could ingest

some answers



went to bed at three

your head in timeless


through the jungle of your thoughts

be whole again

embrace the tribes

of bacteria


biosis is a natural state

forced antibiosis disrupts

the whole system

estranging yourself

from your bodyverse

*matthias geh, 14th Februarz 2016


#44 (The Alphabet of Poetry)

Abstract concepts

Beautiful imagery

Chaotic combinations

Divine inspiration

Elliptic dreams

Fluorescent memories

Geometrical feelings

Heartfelt desires

Igniting thoughts

Jibberish verses

Karmic konnections

Loving letters

Magical thinking


Open wounds

Prototypical themes

Questions asked


Sirens’ song

Thaumic meters


Verbalized embraces

Waters of wisdom

Xenophonic wordcraft

Your soul poured into


*The science of making new words


matthias geh, 13th February 2016



six shadows
in squares of light
listening, talking, the gentle rhythm
of thoughts
spinning a flying carpet
leading us through deserts
sandstorms and scarabs


the fair wolf
and her companion,
the nymph and the raver
basking in beauty
eyes made of glacier ice
loving stones
making a whole new

(for Lisa)

* matthias geh, 12th February 2016

#42 (cosmic customs)

the fur

on your neck

and shoulders

I’m painting around your body

you pant without pants

as you’re dancing naked

on the waves

of this shared sonic dream

the seafoam stitches

wavelengths, just the right amount

as I make cloth from

Venus’ reflection

on your bronzed skin

breezing around you

like spidersilk

is a dress made of starlight

(for Nate)

*matthias geh, 11th February 2016




a silent cry

my face a razor blade

cutting the ideology of hate

to cure healty beings

to electrocute, rape and murder

humans, that are struggling, finding a way

you, the ones who commit those atrocities

you are going to pay, you are going to bleed


My tears, the rivers, the floods that wash away

hate and anger



It is over, you cannot win

the day love was born your demise was planted within

My cries may be silent ones

But they are resonating


brothers and sisters around the globe

spinning in their dreams

unitin within the rainbow

and you will lose

you will lose because I do not crave your freedom

I give it back to you



imageedit_5_5282287452 (2)

I do not lead an army of fighters

I am fighting with an army of lovers

I am afraid, but so is everybody

wielding words like shurikens

*matthias geh, 11th February 2016


once upon a time

there was a boy

a very queer, enchanting boy

he knew that he could go very far

very far.


but then one day

one tragic day he went to play

his father left he said he’d  stay

said he’d stay

he knew that he had gone too far

too far.


his soul was crushed

tenthousand pieces

they glittered sadly in the sands

and time passed by, the wind it took

it took them like a lullaby


he cried and wept and cried some more

his very skin felt like they tore

him bit by every cutting bit

till nothing left was in the pit

of sadness, sorrow and despair

but one magnificient, fair hair

it started floating and it grew

a shimmrin whirlwind on a strand

and once it reached it’s journey’s end

his soul it seemed, was burning blue

the pieces stuck, and made anew

there was a queer, enchanted boy

a very queer and strong

little boy

his father had returned again

while he was dying in the sands

he knew that time would heal some wounds

but some scars they are left to bloom

inside the precious little soul

he left a tiny, massive hole.

the story goes and time it shows

if it is shared, then beauty grows.

(inspired by nat king cole and all the boys that were lost and found)


*matthias geh, 9th February 2016





sie folgt den schatten


lehm und sand

zu fuß

ein fuchs lugt leise

durchs gehölz

auf ihrem arm

er wiederkehrt

der mond blüht ruhig

in stillen wassern

badet licht

freund mo0s beglückt

umflochten stein

die schmalen pfade werden weiter


im glanz der sterne

glitzert sachte

ein grüner dudapp

durch die nachte.

*matthias geh, 10th February 2016


This is an image of someone that truly inspired me. I don’t need to illustrate this one, there is no photo beautiful enough to honour the person I wrote it for.

a man

of his word

a friend

and protector



with an eye for greatness

within the small details

I dream your name

and our shared path

every day

for the rest of my life

ein mann

seines wortes

ein freund

und bewahrer


mit einem blick für das großartige

zwischen all den kleinen details

ich träume deinen namen

und unseren gemeinsamen pfad

jeden tag

für den rest meines lebens

*matthias geh, 7th February 2016

(für M.)