once upon a time

there was a boy

a very queer, enchanting boy

he knew that he could go very far

very far.


but then one day

one tragic day he went to play

his father left he said he’d  stay

said he’d stay

he knew that he had gone too far

too far.


his soul was crushed

tenthousand pieces

they glittered sadly in the sands

and time passed by, the wind it took

it took them like a lullaby


he cried and wept and cried some more

his very skin felt like they tore

him bit by every cutting bit

till nothing left was in the pit

of sadness, sorrow and despair

but one magnificient, fair hair

it started floating and it grew

a shimmrin whirlwind on a strand

and once it reached it’s journey’s end

his soul it seemed, was burning blue

the pieces stuck, and made anew

there was a queer, enchanted boy

a very queer and strong

little boy

his father had returned again

while he was dying in the sands

he knew that time would heal some wounds

but some scars they are left to bloom

inside the precious little soul

he left a tiny, massive hole.

the story goes and time it shows

if it is shared, then beauty grows.

(inspired by nat king cole and all the boys that were lost and found)


*matthias geh, 9th February 2016



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