a silent cry

my face a razor blade

cutting the ideology of hate

to cure healty beings

to electrocute, rape and murder

humans, that are struggling, finding a way

you, the ones who commit those atrocities

you are going to pay, you are going to bleed


My tears, the rivers, the floods that wash away

hate and anger



It is over, you cannot win

the day love was born your demise was planted within

My cries may be silent ones

But they are resonating


brothers and sisters around the globe

spinning in their dreams

unitin within the rainbow

and you will lose

you will lose because I do not crave your freedom

I give it back to you



imageedit_5_5282287452 (2)

I do not lead an army of fighters

I am fighting with an army of lovers

I am afraid, but so is everybody

wielding words like shurikens

*matthias geh, 11th February 2016

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