#46 (tiny silver people)

tiny silver people

hiding in my head

singing microscopic songs

when I go to bed

feel them in my fingers

feel them in my bones

feel them in my bloodstream

some of them have grown

walk the streets in twilight

scythe of time my guide

walk the dreams in darkness

they are smiling wide

feel them in my lips

feel them in my spine

feel them on my jawbone

dancing in a line


tiny silver people

rest their heads to sleep

once they lived on hillsides

herding opal sheep

feel them when my eyes close

feel them on my skin

feel them near my eye lids

trav’llin through a grin

all those tiny people

that you never see

they are birthing starlight

running wild and free

wait for them at dawntime

wait for them at noon

tiny silver people

from a distant moon

*matthias geh, 15th February 2016

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