#49 (spring cleaning)


my self-doubts

from the attic

like abandoned spiderwebs

they are


to fly again


I turn into

a carpetbeater

raising clouds of sulk

that leave into

the atmosphere

grey butterflies

wating for their close-up




from past lives

the many times I said

“I used to..”

stopped haunting me

as I weave them into my narrative

they become patches

in my dreamcoat

with my imagination

 tying up

the loose ends


even if

my loom might

be pausing

It never stops

as my story

keeps writing itself

in broad daylight

still I manage to


some threads

just enough

to keep


*matthias geh, 9th March 2016

#48 (on meeting fear)

Die Natur kennt keine Vernichtung, nur Metamorphose.


I allowed myself

to pause

because I needed to

to not feel

when emotions

were too much to bear

regrowing a shell

similar to the one

I used to live in

but not quite


no more silent tears

I don’t bask in my fears


I acknowledge them

I face them

I let them pass

for the biggest fears cannot

be fought against

without losing parts of yourself

the fear of losing

the ones you love

just proves

that you love.

*matthias geh, 4th March 2016