#53 (catching my reflections)

Morpheus’s realm

he fled


between dawn & night


by a hoverfly

his dream

burning bright

in compound eyes

his gaze

a document of longing

blooming skies

insomnia looming

like a promise

on his lover’s lips

he silenced

with his kiss

  • lunarpoet, April 2016

#52 (foam queen)

a glass

filled up to the brim

it shattered


left to swim

upon the waves

after the raves

she flowed

on notes unheard


a crown of salt

a gown of black

she fades

she shivers,

makes it back

the night is wrapped

around her heart

that aeons could not

tear apart

a living memory

yet it lingers

within his mind

and through his fingers

although he keeps

to those he loves

some place

he safes

for her


  • matthias geh, 16th April 2016

#51 (breaking the cycle)

I pause

and hesitate

and look back


is a word

is a concept

is not always my friend

trying  to feed

what nourishes my soul

I sometimes wander off the path

and taste some of the mushrooms

growing along the way

entcicing me with their elusive beauty

far from perfection

I’m throwing more words

into a forest of letters and numbers

that inhabit my drawers

wishing for some peace of mind

I’m planting even more digital seeds

*lunarpoet, 13th April 2016