#59 (smile of bone)

throwing a ten-sided dice wondering whose teeth it might kick out a bloody seven on pristine paper writhing red lines contract dressed in black I paint my face whites and greys dark hollows for eyes an everlasting smile of bone jokes and laughs and all that but seeing the face of Death is something I … Continue reading #59 (smile of bone)


#58 (the beacons long unflamed)

It's not easy being green but green is coursing through my veins in witching hours power grows to fight what's trying to divide the darkest skies the brightest night may scorching sun may storm may  snow I praise my love I keep it low I hum I chant I dance I spin to nourish  wisdom … Continue reading #58 (the beacons long unflamed)

#57 (unblemished/unbothered)

unblemished the faces of our constant companions nails failing to scratch their shiny faces yet still leave a mark just some strokes on the ever-patient extension it's only words everybody does it it will be forgotten in a few days bruised are the minds we touch without touching them fiddling away our seconds feeding the … Continue reading #57 (unblemished/unbothered)


#56 (the bones of my dear ones)

One poem a day keeps the doctor away or some other nonsense we were listening to growing up between the cracks in the wall and the ones in our memory we kept each other sane by remembering the sunny patches within the landscape of our childhood not broken maybe a little torn your shoulder always … Continue reading #56 (the bones of my dear ones)


#55 ( to my unborn siblings)

nothing more than a fragment of my memory I was born into this world while you didn't get this chance the choices my mother made were hers and although it saddened me to learn about them respect is all I have even if I didn't want to know I was told some secrets don't stay … Continue reading #55 ( to my unborn siblings)