#65 (the softest trace of ash)

photo credit: Matthias Geh


he was cradling

a dead dragon baby

in the ashes of

a cliff nest

when the present

caught up

with his

grieving heart

sliding down

the smooth walls

of a mountain

he used to call home

before the past

broke its promise

and stranded him

in the world

of quiet

between the words

no place left

to grieve


his aching soul

pouring down

the waterfall

of collective misery

his body broken


yet still

he feels

the things that matter

like dreamdust

travelling on

the south wind


a ride

on a unicorn tear

meant to heal

ban the fear

to be a light

for the future

emerging from

the softest trace of ash

on his cheek

a vow of compassion

*24th November 2016

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