#68 (late fall musings)

photo credit: Matthias Geh

Why create poetry

when you could write

pop songs?

Why struggle so hard

with words and verses

tone and rhythm?

Why throw a stone

into the pond

and watch the pattern

of the ripples unfolding?

Just aim the stone

at someone’s heart.

Don’t worry

they’ll be fine

It is not a real stone

and you’ll miss anyway.

Why do you care

so much

about placing

the words?

Just write a catchy tune,

fish for compliments

and throw out your lines

like a trawl.

Don’t worry

nobody is really

going to get caught.

Why do you spend your time

finding words for the scent of lavender

or describing the bud of a water lily?

Just bludgeon them with

a club of buttery nonsense.

Don’t worry,

it still sounds pleasing enough,

won’t really stick

and no one will get hurt.

I am searching the labyrinth

of my soul

for the right words

Weaving arrows

from cold air

 and placing them

on aster petals.

Let them

float down the river

where my boat

is sailing on

pure imagination only

waiting for someone

to pick them up


*26th November 2016

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