#72 (the demons feasting time)

photo credit: Matthias Geh

constantly craving

finger’s food

the wordflow steady

like his mood




his mouth is mute

swans sailing

on lured verses loot


the tides and

stranded rhymes

he feeds the demons

feasting time


sweetness out of tune

the lines walk under

waning moon

inside outside

seem all the same

the gazers collect

what he tamed

for now

the faraway

is near

there’s nothing left

of hopes and fears

it all connected

‘tween the shadows

his grazing eyes

on dark-hued meadows


an isolated crowd

of pigeons

feathers rustling ’bout

the prize

of beauty

an abyss

his lips rest sooty


photo credit: Matthias Geh





1st December 2016


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