#95 (recipe against heartbreak)

photo credit: Matthias Geh


you had left

and I was facing

the void

that black gaping


that never slept

took all my sleep

made all food

taste bitter


felt like drowning

every doorway

was haunted

by your presence

behind every window

your smile kept

piercing me

although my blood

had gone cold

as my senses

had dulled



to reemerge

making ripples

in a pond I had

flooded just

to dry it out

its depths scaring me

the desert felt like

an oasis

when I was upside down

there is no


against heartbreak

learn to breathe


feel the void

don’t let it become

the centre

of your existence

fill it with the  tiny

blissful things

you meet along the way

even if every step

tastes like a sour knife

make time


*26th December

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