#124 (doubt wields the sharpest knife)

cut me I am white paper bleeding triangles onto your pristine carpet dreaming about the kiss of a needle wasting my seconds exhaling despair into the grey my thoughts idling on a downhill track a familiar horror doubt wields the sharpest blade 31st January 2017


#123 (kisses to the gutter)

  I shaped a brick from toxic waste oozing through the commentary of a redundant conversation I tried fitting it into the wall quietly hoping it would stick and make it fall whereabouts unknown the sea took all its tolls the fare was measured heavily fat cats gave birth to trolls inside the fortress waving … Continue reading #123 (kisses to the gutter)

#122 (winter sun, my rare acquaintance)

devouring daylight burning hours like the sun hydrogen your wooden face covered with frost flowers enigmatic enzymes breaking down overtime naps on moth-eaten sofas reclaiming the quiet with a bang nostrils flaring spewing snot essential oils my blood tinted green discouloured veins sparkling winter sun, my rare acquaintance my feelings floating pickled in my frozen … Continue reading #122 (winter sun, my rare acquaintance)

#119 (accountants of misery)

  dribble one silken drop missed the tip of his tongue he's parched senseless wandering the wasteland of withheld wishes the sound of shells crunching under his feet shattering like his illusions relinquished splinters cut into his bare soles leaving a scarlet trail in wet sand nowhere nobody singing for the lost ones gone astray … Continue reading #119 (accountants of misery)

#118 (freefall)

  freefall of the subconscious plunging into thick darkness no more thought mere fragments and floating images the door of the house I used to live in some old coins in my sweaty hands waiting to get a scoop of chocolate in summer the barbie dolls of my neighbour radio dramas and  test patterns so … Continue reading #118 (freefall)

#118 (involuntary companion)

  I was craving the heavy scent of lilacs waiting out a snowstorm soon to be slush listening to my steady heart creating its calming rhythm lurking in between the beats was the tiniest dissonance  keeping all the lights on while you were away as if the dim glow could replace your presence the scent … Continue reading #118 (involuntary companion)

#117 (dismantling my pride)

blood is not thicker than wine and as you shamble my thoughts get scrambled at least I suppose they are mine sweet nothings on your lips desperately prancing around barely holding your ground as you wiggle your hips uncorked dignity but your hands still feel warm  I'm dismantling my pride so much hurt left inside … Continue reading #117 (dismantling my pride)

#116 (through my undreamt rainbows)

  from your quiver of unkind words you picked the worst and aimed them at my chest poison tipped cruelty disguised as a flattering remark patient mental filters fail to purify the intensity of your bane verbal venom oozing through my undreamt rainbows bleaching their brilliance until there is nothing left but paleness and doubt … Continue reading #116 (through my undreamt rainbows)