#131 (my heart broke twice)

withering lights melting on dawn's tongue I wiped my face erratic dripping sweat beads running wild along my arched back relax, he said the night took all I had and more the prize I paid hurt my flesh, broke my pride I gathered the dark birds took a dive in the murky pool of your … Continue reading #131 (my heart broke twice)


#130 (heart-shaped holes)

  the promises we make  fly easily from our lips forgotten when we wake from sleep's transcending grip unkind but feeling blue through deeper woods we stumble we fake it 'til it's true see loyalty slowly crumble as lies are been renewed without compassion fueling the furnace of our souls we're left with darkness ruling … Continue reading #130 (heart-shaped holes)

#129 (the night keeps drowning me)

  the quiet bares its teeth while I'm watching the passing of deep valleys moving wearily visions of derailed trains paint fear behind my eyes raindrops racing along black glass destination unknown I follow the tracks a clumsy explorer waiting for the light but the night keeps drowning me 12th Februrary 2017


#128 (witch-hunt)

there is a witch-hunt around the willows cooling embers leaving a mark on dried skin eye-to-eye predator and prey the scales were tipped when the hunter tripped on a root suddenly in his path the moss took his fall in a distance the calls of a family of owls drove reassuring songs to the clearing … Continue reading #128 (witch-hunt)


#127 (lay waste)

lay waste to your palaces of glass and steel let's seal the deal with the black blood seaping from the machines outside your broken dreams   I once wandered  unpolluted skies  pristine lakes aquatic paradises amongst the droning noise of progress eating away one trunk at a time shaping mortals into mere commodities   wreck … Continue reading #127 (lay waste)


#126 (between tender plumage)

  allegedly we dreamt of spring while cutting blocks of black ice forming clusters of coldness until our fingers gave in to numbness and within our aching bones the seeds of fever started to bloom the flowers of our anticipation withered away like the last seconds of daylight being replaced by the prospect of obscurity … Continue reading #126 (between tender plumage)


#125 (blooming like moon flowers)

full hours are growing around my fingers casting a spell of tranquility laughter and shouting ♥ let us explore the Solar System my mind straying to Pluto the dwarf planet binding idle thoughts to ice and stone while I am rotating retrogradely ♥ my heart renewed out of dust and rock the melting poles of … Continue reading #125 (blooming like moon flowers)