#125 (blooming like moon flowers)

full hours

are growing around

my fingers


a spell of tranquility

laughter and shouting

let us explore the Solar System

my mind straying to Pluto

the dwarf planet

binding idle thoughts

to ice and stone

while I am rotating retrogradely

my heart renewed

out of dust and rock

the melting poles

of my hibernated emotions

are shifting on the darkside

at night

new passion is blooming

like moon flowers

th February 2017

author’s note: my tight schedule these days (I’m working full-time, going to school part-time and teach English on two afternoons) makes it rather impossible to post every day, I still try to post regularly and at least once a week. In summer there will be more time, I’m dropping some workload in order to have more time for myself and my poetry. Thanks to all my readers who like and appreciate my poetry, it had been growing in the dark too long and I am glad to share it with you. I am aware that the picture shows a hollyhock, I haven’t yet had the pleasure to kiss actual moon flowers with my lense, maybe 2017 will allow me to meet them.


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