#127 (lay waste)

lay waste

to your palaces

of glass and steel

let’s seal the deal

with the black blood

seaping from the machines

outside your broken dreams


I once wandered

 unpolluted skies

 pristine lakes

aquatic paradises amongst

the droning noise of progress

eating away one trunk at a time

shaping mortals

into mere commodities


wreck the poles

and cool your fury

with the ice of molten glaciers

the absolute consumption

of everything

and everyone

feeding greed

with a smile

barely masking

the decay

of your rotten aspirations


lay waste

to your

popular opinions

chew or choke on

the sparkling pieces

of your pie charts

and pretty cufflinks


these songs

best left unchanted

riding red blood cells

resting inside

my temporal lobe

but some words

speak louder

than actions

even if they go unheeded

so I scrape the verses

of a long-lost conquest

molding a kite

from sheer




above the engorged egos

of contemporary emperors

 a silent reminder

waiting for

a lightning bolt

to strike

7th February 2017



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