#133 (the whole history of your liver)


fallen from a

babbling tongue

rolling down

my round shoulders

rotting behind

my ass

like I give a shit

yet I do

scraping at my pride

but the whole history

of your liver

makes me shiver

as pride turns to pity

my thoughts mix with

the yarn I’ve been threading

for years to remember

empathy like cool embers

against your flares

of rage

some sage

to quiet my head

I wrote some lines


10th February 2017


#132 (I really hate the news today)

I really hate the news today

an earthquake killed a dozen

relentless feeds, my phone keeps buzzin’

it’s all pitch black, no white or grey

I really hate the news today

as hundreds killed each other

my mouth concrete, my feet are clay

but most don’t even bother

I really hate the news today

white leaders turn to tyrants

the children lost all will to play

their parents banned – they’re migrants

I really love my friends today

escape the ever-crushing press

our minds already in a mess

we joke and laugh and dance and slay

the terrors we put on delay

3rd March 2017