#137 (empty tokens)

artificial colour overload he is longing for the abysmal heart of night a stone left inside his right shoe the faint smell of lilac buds holding back like this year's spring a reluctant lover yet sunkissed heavy gilded metal dangling against hundreds of chests empty tokens yet appreciated like the cold punches leveling emotions 30th … Continue reading #137 (empty tokens)


#136 (two pennies)

the final blow left a mark a narrative of white lines on my forehead between my temples a river of agony constantly flowing spreading through my spine the first line the one I forgot to write is haunting me ever since • the thick blanket of amnesia clubbing my verse to death and beyond my … Continue reading #136 (two pennies)

#135 (within the cup of quiet grace)

♥ the night was old all stories told as chastity had long been sold the mirrored passion in her gaze entranced him in a scarlet haze he drank it all the tears and sweat his restless fears, doubt and regret within the cup of quiet grace he glimpsed a single solemn face the queen of … Continue reading #135 (within the cup of quiet grace)


#134 (caught up)

are we setting our own trap? our narratives being shattered within the endless iterations of dialogue weaving shackles from needy lines the perfect illusion of being connected you replaced by a shiny surface I getting lost in translation flowers of doom blooming between innocent text and the desire to touch without feeling to much 10th … Continue reading #134 (caught up)