#158 (ironic)

I type and feed

the web of code and letters

the web I willingly throw myself into

and that I’m weaving myself


metric breeding in the centre

instead of silk I spin some rhymes

building metaphorical traps

glueing everything together

vibrant verse verberating

into the web I built a cage

that freed my inspiration

a cage for my attention

nothing exists

but the rhythm of my fingertips

25th June 2017


#156 (the physician)

a crunching sound

too close to home

on rotting ground

a pale, old dome

once held the mind

of one, now lost

whose feelings, thoughts

had turned to dust

a physician once said to me

there was no loss of energy

So dark-red zinnias

growing out

the shallow grave

might have been doubts

to flee a fate

already doomed

in moss and grass

his fears now loom

no stone unturned

no cash unburned

still gazing into

pools of clay

the thread is thin

yet still he tries

to capture secrets

deep within

below the brim

of knowledge’s keep

the soil holds all

forever deep

23rd June 2017




#150a (re-introduction)


Two years ago I wrote a wordy introduction to this blog

It felt right at the time, but as I’ve been changing over those two years so has my poetry and I thought it might be a good idea to try again (always a good idea tot try again, by the way).

I don’t really like bringing myself into a focal point because I think it might be misleading from my poetry, which is deeply personal to begin with. So basically all you gonna find here is poetry with the occasional thrown in photography.

Usually I reply to comments and I’m very interested in what you make of my writing, because this sort of discussion to me is more personal and interesting than my so called “personal life”. I’ve received some amazing feedback and I’ve stumbled across amazing poets from all over the world by browsing the blogs of the people who liked or commented here.

Six random facts about me, because I feel I wanna give at least some links for whoever needs them (If you just enjoy reading poetry, just stop reading now) :

  • working in elementary education
  • first language: German, but writing in English for a while now
  • always one coffee short from being soundly awake
  • obsessed with drag queens
  • my first name is Matthias
  • IG: lunarpoet83


18th June 2017