#177 (traces of lavender)

grey puddles taunting his wet ankles splish-splash the droning of constant rainfall blocking out the soft vows he whispered in the sweetest of embraces traces of lavender rekindling the memory of that night under the stars when all the lights had seemed to dance for the two of them the full moon their witness cirrus … Continue reading #177 (traces of lavender)


#176 (what the moon taught me)

¬† The clouds taught me to wander in quiet the wind taught me to be calm or strong when needed the rain taught me to release pressure the sun taught me to become the center of my universe the stars taught me to shine a light for others the moon taught me that life moves … Continue reading #176 (what the moon taught me)

#175 (basic laws of magic)

call upon what you need feed the things you want to keep honor your elders the living and the dead do no harm except to protect yourself write your name into the wind and the waves let the wild seep into your life permeate your being see beauty in every shape in every colour it … Continue reading #175 (basic laws of magic)

#173 (darkness pierces every corner)

the ones you lost have now been found riding like mad a merry-go-round the one to hell and back, my dear don't fear the reaper for she's near the gift of life the prize of dying we grind and toil and keep on trying three wishes granted if you dare mischievous fairies they don't care … Continue reading #173 (darkness pierces every corner)