#184 (white fog)

betrayal the soft embrace of sinister substances dampening my pain and everything else a sharp aching becomes a dull throb barely noticeable my body relieved my liver is not the path  slippery the border to addiction wide-open always a choice and I keep forgetting how pain really feels my mind lost in a white fog … Continue reading #184 (white fog)


#183 (engulfed)

circles broken lines unspoken words the night I used up my last wish ** the fairy said he'd never tell once she clipped his wings he bled glitter into the starless night *** unburdened by obligation a lapse of judgement no more tears my eyes dried up my face an arid space as the grey … Continue reading #183 (engulfed)

#180 (the deep end)

the deep end of my dreams is where fears grow to terrors the landscape of a former quiet night turning into an evil fairground bitterness and pain exchanging candy while pride and prejudice are taking the rollercoaster of doom whack-a-doubt yet I'll never hit and have to spent an extra round in the cabinet of … Continue reading #180 (the deep end)

the ones I left out

lines of unwritten poems crowding my skull flurrying like a promise of  snowstorms to come ♥ sometimes life breathes poetry sometimes it takes my breath away How I have  waited for this velvet whisper this slightest tug on my thoughts folding paper boats from all the pages I left blank ♥♥ mourning the ones I … Continue reading the ones I left out