This is not a poem but…

...some days are meant to feed the body, others to feed the soul. Today I feed mine with music by John Grant and with poems by some of the other wanderers within the poetic plane of the web. I'm so glad to have a voice and I'm glad for everybody of you, dear readers, who … Continue reading This is not a poem but…


#187 (mermaid’s tears)

I can't deny, no need to pry but do I bow my head in shame? hidden behind fake scales and glitter I played along a deathly game Ω sinister beauty fading charm but this one's clearly not unarmed it never fades, it shines and sparkles undecaying albeit soon darkles to look like creatures from the … Continue reading #187 (mermaid’s tears)

#186 (relentless machine)

once  I wore glittering scales gliding besides the whales the center of my existence liquid blue unmarred by pollution I didn't rule the seas I let them guide me ♦♦♦ Now I'm longing for the simplicity of a life in motion mourning my lost freedom imprisoned by the modern world feeding the relentless machine called … Continue reading #186 (relentless machine)