#187 (mermaid’s tears)


I can’t deny, no need to pry

but do I bow my head in shame?

hidden behind fake scales and glitter

I played along a deathly game


sinister beauty fading charm

but this one’s clearly not unarmed

it never fades, it shines and sparkles

undecaying albeit soon darkles

to look like creatures from the sea

I stole away from those who flee

once they meet our mortal gazes


inside the maze of  vanity

some drops I stole of liquid gold

cruel faces of humanity

beyond a story rarely told

my life in circles some absurd

as mermaid’s cries vanish unheard


their tears I took and spilled away

the gutter drank and drank and drank

its thirst unclenched my face still dank

under that spell my skin turned grey


27th December











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