#204 (antagonally)

bad jokes the only ones im good at my mind in the gutter yet you blush and you stutter while I choke on bad puns as no joke lands not one   © Matthias Geh, 25th January 2018    


#203 (drones)

hum of early morning traffic thousands of souls fighting the night with coffee and cold water power naps at noon keeping the grey at bay droning away to keep the machines up and running the cogs sharp and shiny until the night grows teeth again  placid drones bare their stings yet much too soon take … Continue reading #203 (drones)

#197 (a meaning in cruelty)

small hands broken before they even learnt how to hold a pen or grab a spoon a blind spot silenced history an abandoned generation left to find a meaning in cruelty their frightened whispers echoe through the decades searching for answers to questions most won't even dare to ask small hands broken before they have … Continue reading #197 (a meaning in cruelty)