#210 (shattered)

howling behind every corner summoned storms of last winter watch them bind and blow away unfocused desires in the cold frozen smiles shattered under the concrete cracks bury your pride bury it beneath the slush   © Matthis Geh, 27th February 2018    


#209 (impassively)

trains shooting past destination unknown while I am stringing moments like pearls watch them glitter and fade right time wrong place downbeats blaring I glimpse how you drink the night away impassively © Matthias Geh, 26th February 2018    

#208 (untethered)

somewhere along the lines I drowned in his gaze his smile bathed me and I lost my tether to the world floating between golden leaves my skin became a whisper my flesh a sigh all the time resting in a single teardrop © Matthias Geh, 26th February 2018  


#207 (on an empty blanket)

the hollow of your absence is filled by shadows and treacherous noises in the deep end of night as I whisper your name and my echoe fades like darkness on an empty blanket   © Matthias Geh, 23rd February 2018


# 206 (SPRING!)

"BRING me SPRING!" the fairy queen called so all servants kept rushing as them geysers were gushing and the ice thawed away ≈ ≈ ≈ all trees were a-budding all rivers a-flooding once all colour returned our queen got concerned that her words, spoke in haste may or may not laid waste to the ice … Continue reading # 206 (SPRING!)


#205 (feeding bullets)

  no bread we laced their meals with lead feeding bullets to a generation touched by death the cruel illusion of being protected yet metal does not know compassion   © Matthias Geh, 17th February 2018