#216 (how to let go)

we drilled and drilled

first holes, then caves

soon to be catacombs

a hollow world

between our ribcages

mining hopes and dreams

grinding down the seams

of our imperfections

filling up the hollow

with promises

of instant intimacy

candyfloss in our hearts

for wholefood

we couldn’t stomach

any more, as we tore

out our aspirations

replacing  them with

the empty promise

of cheap fame

glittering and ephemeral

the gold in our hearts

we traded for sweet nothing

numbing ourselves to sleep

for we had forgotten

how to let go


yet I was not bitter

when I went

and left twitter

for my lines

were turning

into poetic babble

losing the hard core

of intent and

what I meant

to radiate

was caught

in the rifts

between flamewars

and spambots

my truth buried

under millions of

nudes and shiny


© Matthias Geh, 14th March 2018

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