#220 (car crash)

I am a car crash waiting to happen

so I started walking everywhere

slowing my pace until I could see again

unfazed by the rush of speed and blurs

I recognized the birds singing in the old birch

next to the cemetery, where you wept

over your brother and your lost lover


I am a car crash waiting to happen

So I stopped drinking and started writing

sucessfully igniting the fury of my flame

no one else to blame but myself

an outlet for my thoughts, turning stories

into these silent lines, that go by

the relentless cursor is my ride

’cause I haven’t driven a car since 2004


I am a car crash waiting to happen

the glass is neither full nor empty but

shattered in shards adorning grey linoleum

traversed by red rivulets was it not

for the practical sandals I am wearing

at work not with pride, yet comfort

taking three steps at once


I am neither waiting nor a car crash

Like you I am nothing but a flash

in the eyes of the universe

trying my best to shine bright

maybe leaving a luminous echo

on some old godess’s retina

marveling amongst all the other lights

© Matthias Geh, 16th March 2018

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