#223 (A Banshee In My Closet)

A Banshee in my closet

She used to haunt the graveyard

but all tombstones were turned

the soil had been salted,

all the trees  had been burned

She sung out silver sobs

between trousers and tops

and her touch made me freeze

So I bought me a dresser

’twasn’t meant to impress her

just a simple, brown piece

Then her cousin moved in

rearranging my socks

and her laughter sounds just

like a grandfather clock

Her demeanour is eerie

and I’m growing quite weary

’cause the harder I try

there’s no way to deny

that in time there will be

no more clothes for me.

© Matthias Geh, 17th March 2018

3 thoughts on “#223 (A Banshee In My Closet)

    1. Wow, thanks for your your kind comment and for showing me some new music, I only know Nina Persson from her time with the Cardigans. Really dig this. 🙂


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