#255 (coil)


the second of May

my grandmother died

I will not see her

at my wedding

I will not feel

her bony hugs again

grief doesn’t fade

it coils in my ribcage

but I choose to caress

these bitter scales

enticing them

to tickle my heart

instead of crushing it


© Matthias Geh, 13th May 2018

this is dedicated to everybody 
who lost their mother or grandmother. 
grief is an emotion that unites, 
it doesn't divide. 
it is rooted in love.



    1. Mine helped raising me, since my parents got divorced when I was still really young. She taught me to survive. I feel like this poem isn’t enough to express my gratitude and love.

  1. This is lovely. A very frank view on grief and emotions. Too often things are separated into extremes, this seems to defuse that and present it as all parts. I like the ‘bony hugs’ line, a personal memory you’ve chosen to share. I’m sorry for the loss, but I’m reassured be your choice to deal with it and not be reduced by it. A very touching piece. (I especially like your epilogue)

    1. Thank you very much. Writing really helped me to cope, grief is such a powerful force and if you deny to ride the wave it might wash you away.

      1. I’m glad to hear that. Writing can be very cathartic. It doesn’t offer the healing that is needed, but it’s a good place to be with emotions and feelings, especially at challenging times. The output can be curious and tough, but also powerful. It’s also a signpost of where you were at a certain time. I’m glad it helped/helps/is helping you.

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