#287 (reductive)

how do you think

it makes me feel

if the only real

question you keep asking

is who would be “the woman”

in my relationship

bludgeoning me with

your narrow perspective

why don’t just ask

if we are happy

or where we wanna spend

 our next holiday?


© Matthias Geh, 2nd June 2018




  1. Hear, hear! I’m also sick of dumb questions like this. I just say that the whole point of a male/male relationship is that there is no woman. otherwise, I’d be straight 😀 howver, the ‘asker’ often rebttuttles with, ‘yeah, but ‘someone’ has to be the woman. You can’t win lol

    1. You could ask them what they mean by that and what about their relationship by the way…. Most people get irritated by then and stop asking. But mostly I try to stay calm and tell them the only correct answer to said question: no one.

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