#296 (the game)

how to compete

with facetune and glitz

if all I got is some words

to put and rearrange?

the game as they say

is botched and preconcerted

fake people, fake followers

so easy to spot, yet another bot

the illusion is real though

and mirages keep coming

for your sanity

be hairless, be ripped, be thin

be hyper-masculine, always grin

never let them see you cry

or poop, goddess forbid

yet I’m finding some people

like strange jewels not fitting

the aesthetic mold

or rather anesthetic

to be fair

I stick to words

and maybe some pictures

of flowers I found

along the way

not interested in the surface

but what’s lurking beneath

the sleek face of

your alluring display


© Matthias Geh, 6th June 2018


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