#303 (the blessing of hearing II)

pouring sound into my ears

spun into a simple beat

soft voices sinking into

the deep parts of my brain

rinse and repeat

the song becoming my life

my centre, my universe

I am becoming song

riding the waves across

every colour of the rainbow

feeding myself, tense muscles

relaxing, as breathing gets steadier

monontonous basslines replacing

my erroneous heartbeat.

every exhausted fibre I

cause to vibrate

heavenly frequence

sending love through the soles

of my bare feet.

© Matthias Geh, 9th June 2018

This is the second part, the first one being
"The Curse of Hearing", also published here.
It is a poetic approach to what hearing music
can mean to a hypersensitive.
Let's ride the smooth surface of the blade
instead of being cut.


  1. I love the notion of touching sound, realising it as a tangible entity. Vibrations are the closest. Would be wonderful to see sound in colours also. A Nice pairing of posts!

    1. I can experience music quite intensely. It then actually feels like it is part of my body or my body is part of the music, not just some sonic waves processed by my brain. It’s not like synesthesia I guess, it’s like an euphoric state, even a bit dissociative, but quite pleasant. Hard to explain, hope it made sense. Very glad you liked them!

      1. That’s interesting, and does sound pleasant. Maybe it’s moving on different spiritual centres and energy levels. Just glad you don’t get to miss out really. Is a good piece, and two for the price of one 🙂

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