#306 (spirit food)

What feeds your spirit

once your bodily needs

are sated?

That fancy dress you

found on a flea market

waiting for you

behind some odd

pieces of furniture

and a collection

of porcelain dolls?

This robinia tree

growing in front

of your kitchen window

filling the air with its

rich scent,

spring after spring?

That time you share

with an old friend

or a new one

stretching minutes

into years, finding solace

in the company of others?

These quiet hours

sitting with a mug of coffee

staring at a distant thought

watching it grow

and wither away

one amongst many?

What is

the difference


a dress

a tree

a friend

a thought

if all we really got

is time and even that

is only borrowed?

© Matthias Geh, 10th June 2018

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