#327 (inviting)

House music from

a passing bicycle

and the sound

of sound sleep

the moon hides but

his light is being reflected

all the same.

Anticipating headaches

he brewed some herbs

unwilling to surrender

to aimless rolling around.

The soft glow of their living

space seems to carry a

smile, compassionate and



© Matthias Geh, 16th June 2018



    1. Thanks for your comment. My intent for this poem was to create a certain atmosphere, not provide a “finished” narrative. What was missing for you?

      1. It’s hard to explain, but I felt like you were building up to something. So that is what I’m missing. The sounds outside, the tea brewing, the description of THEIR place. Maybe an introduction of the second person? Or even him/her going to sleep. A finish of sorts.

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