#335 (blind date)

Unchecked boxes

boiling anticipation

the thrill of the unknown

simmering excitement fighting

the need for certainty.

The person you desire

may be a sterile product of this

day and age, when everything

is boiled down to a service

and people become commodities.

All you are, reduced to an

algorithm, mercilessly weighing

size, shape, colour and income

to find the perfect match, while

eliminating all chance for romance.

The algorithm cannot lie so it must

be you, who added some bits, that

don’t fit the perfect picture, don’t

add up eventually so Mr. Byte

won’t turn into Mr. Right.


© Matthias Geh, 18th June 2018




  1. These observations remind me of an episode from the British Dystopian Sci-Fi Netflix series, Black Mirror, season 5, called, “Hang the D.J.” Die ganze Show ist als Regel beunruhigend, aber in diesem einen Fall, nicht überhaupt hoffnungslos.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I love Black Mirror. Interesting that you drew this connection. I think that in some ways that show creates quite an accurate representation of Western societies (with a little dystopian twist of course). I remember watching that episode and thinking exactly the same. That it was not that far away from actual developments.

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