#336 (witch way)


Ding-a-dong the witch is dead

they screamed and bounced around

never again her lovely head

creates enticing sounds.


Each potion that she brew to ail

afflictions of their tribe

they shattered cause an old wives’ tale

ideas they had imbibed.


Along went time and illness spread

a dark guest to their homes

forgotten knowledge ’cause they had

combusted all the tomes.


The shadows grew and their regret

a lament sung too late

how easy their doom was preset

why did they alienate

the wise one in their hate?

© Matthias Geh, 19th June 2018


    1. Thanks for nominating me. Going to check it out, but I’m not sure if this is my cup of tea, since it would somehow break my “only poetry”-rule.

      1. WordPress put some comments into spam, including this one. Don’t know why, only saw it now, while checking my spam folder. But I hope you still got my response. Have a good day!

    2. Maybe I just answer it here in the commentary. So I can stick to my rules but still appreciate your request, that I take as a compliment. I would skip the nomination part, though. Hope that’s fine.

      1. Where is the most inspiring place you have ever visited? This may be a town or city, a region of any foreign country, or even just a room in somebody’s house you once visited.

      That would be Manchester. I spent half a year there, studying in 2012, and it still is one of the best experiences in my life. I learned so much about myself and England and it truly rekindled my love for the English language. That was the time, when I started writing English poetry.

      1. What do you perceive to be your greatest asset in life?

      Myself I’d say it is my patience, although this is only work-related. I can have tons of patience with children, still learning stuff, but sometimes lose my temper in private. Probably has something to do with balance. If I had to name something else, than I’d say it is my undying sense of always finding some light, even in the most desperate and grey times. I used to be a university drop out, depressed and even suicidal at times, but somehow managed to get out of that swamp. Writing surely helped.

      1. Who, above anybody else, could you not live without?

      It would kill me to live without either my biological sister or my soul sister. My fiancée would be next on the list if I had to create a hierarchy, which I somehow find difficult with people I am close to..

      1. What drives you to publish content on WordPress or other platform?

      The urge to create first and foremost. Also I felt that my voice is relevant and I was able to touch people, so I want to use it “for good”. My mother often told me I should become a politician but I chose to be a poet. To be honest I don’t really have a choice. It may sound cliché but I really feel poetry chose me. So I choose to share it, every day.

      5 If you could combine any two superpowers to become the ultimate hero or villain what would they be, and how would you utilise them in the modern world?

      Easy one. The power to push thoughts into other people’s minds. I see how I would use that for good and also how quickly it would corrupt me. The other superpower would be to shrink and regrow. I’d love to meet the tinier beings on our planet in their spaces. My infatuation with insects grows, the older I get and I mourn the dying of species. So maybe I could find a way to act as a bridge, between the human and the insect-world then.

      Hope that gave some insight. Have a good day!

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