#340 (hooked)


I look, they are


like mushrooms

yellow, black and gold

cheap plastic handles

melting in the heat

synthetic cloth

blowing in the wind

the smell of chemical

in the evening breeze

no fairytale just

the most expensive

show on Earth

being perverted

for maximum gain,

and exploitation

but never for the

ones who watch.

Worshipped like gods

and discarded like

male chicks,

the players glow fast

to burn even faster

forgettable young faces

cropped into a frame

to carry around

in shiny books, so

even the smallest

ones get hooked.

Broken bottles

and vomit, the

remains of this

celebration of peace

and diversity, how

this word is stretched

and hollowed out

set in a country

whose leader hates

free speech.

Delusion is the drug

of your choice,

so keep eating

your black and white

cakes, while I

am saving my time

for the day



© Matthias Geh, 21st June 2018





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