#348 (re-narration)

The people chose

a woman to become

the first female president

of the United States.

The Trump Organization

went bankrupt in 2016.

Donald Trump went to jail

for fraud, embezzlement

and tax evasion. Europe

resolved the refugee crisis,

setting in place a just and

viable system of laws.

All bombs were dismantled.

From their remains they

created museums with free

admission all over the world.

War had become obsolete,

the world found a middle

ground, virtual realities becoming

hubs for interracial understanding.

Religion was abolished and the

vacuum was filled with philosophy

and the fine arts. Poetry became

the new Pop. Poets were paid

well and honoured for their

craft. Scientists found numerous

new worlds and in 2025 humans

made first contact.


© Matthias Geh, 24th June 2018



  1. i enjoyed this. This might sound selfish but poets being paid well sounds terrific. I’m not sure if I want poetry becoming the new pop though.

    1. Well, it’s just an utopic poem… I wished for poets to be paid. It was more a play on how pop basically borrows the simplest lyricism to achieve its effect. If there were any bards today it would be a smack in their faces, really. Glad you liked it. 💙

      1. True it would be. I interpreted it as poetry going mainstream and everyone jumping on the bandwagon. Well now that you’ve explained it, that’s pop music! And yes, I did enjoy the idealism. One can only dream right? And you’re welcome.

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