#363 (Into the dark)

White witches burning sage, sweet grass

and their dreams, slightly swaying when

their lungs turned to highways to Hel, He was paying

with some parts of his mind like the wise women told.

Soon he entered a cavern of profound appeal,

stalagmites very low, dripping water so cold

yet nothing and nobody inside here was real

except the single, fading call of his voice

and in hindsight he wished he had

mad different choices. Soon the choir of hags

trapped his feet underground, they were

mounting their stags gagged his mouth,

killed all sound. Ravished flesh, bleeding pride

nightmare’s realm he endured as they took

him in stride neither poised nor demure.

On his tongue there was placed a single

green rose and his eyes turned to stone

when the Old One arose, from her slumber

in depths not a human heart travels.

Her dress was like rain and her voice

was like gravel, yet he could not deny

that her beauty was pure, even though

he was blind, that was one thing so sure

as the dying of stars, universe growing old

and he whispered one question, like the

wise women told. What’s the point in

still dreaming, while everything crumbles?

and in answer she opened her mouth

and it rumbled. Most exquisite songs of

torment and joy fled the entity that could

have been Helen of Troy. With a wave of

her hands that were bigger than wheels

she granted him vision, spectral bright

and unreal. In this sole grain of light lay

an infinite truth, as he touched it he knew

it was nothing in sooth. Still so warm

on his skin and it slowly sank in, gently

pushing his thoughts as his mind broke free.

Luring lands he eventually was able to flee.

Once he woke and his sweat felt like tears

of the night, while his furs kept him warm

and he wrapped them so tight. Tried to write

down the word he had heard just before, but

it faded, unraveled in the embers of yore.


Still this feeling inside kept him warm, kept

him sane, and he knew that his mind

and his heart would contain all the wisdom

he found even if it seemed shallow, it could

safe him indeed from a dance with the gallows.

© Matthias Geh, 3rd July 2018

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